Immediate Benefits of Exercising

by Rito Ghosh

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Correct Motivations to Think About Exercising

The Problem

Almost every time, when it comes to exercising, people approach it the wrong way.

Almost everyone thinks that it is solely about being fit, losing weight, and fitting into that shirt or dress.

This line of thinking, which is dominant in conversations, and shared thoughts about exercise, is fundamentally flawed for most. Mainly because it forces you to think long-term and long-term only. It makes you think that you must strive for months on end to start seeing any benefits of exercising.

Many people are discouraged to take up exercising because either it doesn't suit their personal situation, or they are afraid to take up a long-term endeavor.

Many people will keep postponing continuously for years.

The Solution

People should start talking about the immediate and short-term benefits of exercising.

Yes, there are many.

This will make much more people take up exercising.

In the next section, I will talk about the many immediate benefits of exercising that I have personally felt.

Immediate Benefits of Exercising

No, you can't be slim, or lift a lot of weight, or run 26 miles immediately. They come with long-term hard work. But, here are the benefits that you start feeling very soon after you have taken up exercising.

  • Much more energy throughout the day: After the initial slump of four-five days of exercise, you will start to feel much more energy to do whatever you want. You will start feeling energized throughout the day.

  • Better Cognitive Performance: When I exercised regularly, I felt it was much easier for me to concentrate for longer periods, and get stuff faster. Takes 10-15 days to get here.

  • Better Sleep: This starts the day you start exercising. Your quality of sleep gets much better, and you start feeling sleepy according to your own sleep schedule- like a clockwork. You will have no trouble sleeping and will have little to no energy for revenge prcrastination.

  • Better Physical Endurance: After you exercise for two-three weeks, you will feel the difference when you are faced with physically demanding tasks. After helping that friend move apartments or after that five mile hike you have to take suddenly, you will feel much less drained and much more likely to have the energy to do something else.

  • Better Immunity: After a month or two of exercising, you will see that you will catch less cold, and you will be able to digest more heavy food with no trouble.

These are among the benefits that you start reaping after hours or weeks of exercising. Your weight may not have reduced, and you are not healthier to not have a heart-attack by this time, but you will have these benefits, for sure.


Although not the most desired benefits by most, one starts to reap this very fast after starting to exercise.

People should start talking about these more than they talk about longer-term goals. These encourage more people to exercise, and get on the path to reap longer-term benefits as well.

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